* Fettuccine Napolitana ..Arabiato in a homemade fresh tomato sauce or meat sauce 

* Angel Hair with mushrooms and sweet peas in a pink basil sauce

* Gnocchi in your choice or our Marinara or Pesto Sauce  

Fussili with Chicken Broccoli and Sundried Tomatos in a Pink or Red Sauce

Cheese or Mushroom Ravioli with Portabello Mushroom oil and Walnuts or Marinia Sauce

Penne Jambalaya with Shrimp Chicken Ham and Mushrooms in a spicy Pink Sauce.

Baked Ziti with Sweet Italian Sausage

topped with mozzerella cheese

Penne Alla Vodka tomatoes parmesean cheese basiel and cream with a hint of hot pepper

Riggatony with garlic oil and Broccoli 

Cheese Tortellini with hot ham mushrooms and peas in a parmesian sauce

Fussili Melanzane with eggplant,sun dried tomato,mushrooms pine nuts and ricotta cheese

Angel Hair Primavera with chicken in a pink basil sauce

Linguine Carbonara with ham bacon and eggs in a light cream sauce.

Penne with broccoli garlic and oil




​All event  and wedding venue

Fancy Bites

*Heirloom tomato, whipped goat cheese and basil bruschetta with balsamic drizzle.. 
*Smoked trout with fingerlings, smoked yogurt, pickled fennel & tarragon.. 
*Grilled beef flank steak bite over fresh corn-radish salad with chimichrri..
*Grilled Flank Steak  slider with horseradish aioli, arugula, pickled onions..
*Grilled chicken shawarma on mini fork with lemon parsley tahini sauce.. 
*Caribbean grilled prawns with mango cabbage slaw w/ cilantro and lime.. 
*Miso salmon bite with cucumber sesame salad.. 
*Mini pulled pork taco with pickled onions and spicy slaw ..
*Nori wrapped seared jumbo scallops with miso brown butter vinaigrette.. 
*Hoisin style jumbo prawn with sesame and scallion on mini fork.. 
*Mini scratch-made chicken pot pie in mini cup 
*Mini scratch made shepherds pie.. 
*Zaatar spiced meatball with tahini sauce on mini fork.. 
*Grilled lemongrass chicken with coconut curry sauce ( or peanut sauce) on mini fork.. 
*Grilled sambal chicken with cilantro and ginger and soy glaze ..
* Grilled cheese sandwiches with smoked mozzarella and arugula pesto 
*Jumbo prawn cocktail “shooter”..

*Gazpacho or cumber dill gazpacho 
*Grilled chicken tikka massala bite w/ tomato ginger coconut curry..
*Prawn & avocado “salad” with lime zest, cucumber, jicama, avocado & cilantro in bamboo cup.. 
*Asian meatball with sticky sauce, chive and toasted sesame seeds on mini fork..  
*Pork slider with pickled peppers, harissa aioli, slaw.. 
 *Pulled pork slider, bbq sauce, cabbage slaw.. 
*Crispy polenta bite with arugula- basil pesto, roasted pepper and shaved spanish cheese.. 
*Wild mushroom and rosemary bruschetta ..
*Pear and gorgonzola bruschetta with balsamic onions and balsamic drizzle

*Peach, basil and goat cheese bruschetta with balsamic syrup..
*Apricot bruschetta with brie, pistachio and honey drizzle.. 
*Smoked salmon bruschetta with chive cream cheese, capers and picked onion..
*Chicken mole tacos with queso fresco & cilantro ..
*Caprese bruschetta with tomato, basil, fresh mozzarella and balsamic syrup..
*Grilled eggplant bruschetta with roasted peppers, warm goat cheese, basil and fried caper 
*Roasted beet bruschetta with whipped goat cheese, balsamic syrup and basil..
*Polish sausage bite, house-made caraway kraut, mustard, on mini fork..
* Fingerlings, lemon, parsley, capers in mini cup..
*Grilled calamari "salad" with Spanish chorizo, roasted potato, cilantro in bamboo cup 
*Portuguese Shrimp, with cilantro lime drizzle, mini fork..
*Moroccan meat ball, on mini fork with pomegranate sauce, mint and pine nuts..
*Grilled Vietnamese chicken bite over shredded green papaya salad with mini fork..
*Jerk shrimp mini tacos with mango cabbage cilantro slaw 
*Stuffed radishes with smoked trout (or salmon) mousse, chives..

*Mini crab louis in butter lettuce cup with avocado and radish..
*Roasted button mushroom stuffed with sweet italian sausage, basil and mascarpone..
*Endive filled with whipped gorgonzola, apples, maple pecans and rosemary honey..
*Roasted mini potato with chive creme fresh, smoked salmon and dill.. 
*Grilled miso brown butter ginger chicken bite on mini fork..
*Grilled lemongrass chicken bite on mini fork with Thai peanut sauce..
*Grilled Mexican chicken bite with mole sauce, queso crumble and cilantro on mini fork ..
*Beef tenderloin carpaccio w/ anchovy-caper -parsley ”salad”, pickled radish 
*Spring vegetable crudites in shot glass with home-made buttermilk dill dip..

SIdes and Starches 
* Creamy parmesan polenta..
“Corn bread” pudding with fresh corn
parsnip and potato gratin with nutmeg..

*Cream and pecorino horseradish

mashed potatoes with chives..
* Creamy goat cheese mashed potatoes..
*Truffled mashed potatoes..
* Chive mashed potatoes..
* Roasted garlic mashed potatoes
* Roasted baby red potatoes with tossed with  basil pesto..
* Roasted fingerling potatoes with rosemary oil, garlic and sea salt..
Scalloped potatoes..
* Simple baby red potatoes with fresh dill and lemon vinaigrette..
* Good Ole' baked russet potato with all the fixings..
* Slow cooked cannelini beans with pancetta, caramelized onion & sage..

* Slow cooked bbq baked beans..
* Slowed cooked rosemary white beans with leeks..
* Fluffy quinoa with shallots and herbs
* Roasted cauliflower gratin with garlic, cream, nutmeg, and parmesan
creamy parsnip & brown butter puree..

* Creamy butternut puree
spring pea risotto with truffle, parmesan and lemon zest..
*Lemony risotto with  lemon and thyme
*Wild mushroom risotto with parmesan and truffle
* Butternut or pumpkin risotto with sage and nutmeg
* Moroccan quinoa with dried apricot, slivered almonds, cinnamon and cumin..
* Wild rice with French herbs and butter..



These dishes are made with the same love and effort as everything else on this page.

From our six foot subs (we have over 12 varities) Sliced thin and piled high.To our assorted wrap and cold cut platters platters.We use the finest meats and freshest toppings.

Any of the items on this page can be made to order for a drop off event. Or picked up at one of our 2 locations.

So take some time and look over this page.With a little creative thinking we can put together an awsome menu with some unique dishes and still remaine

budget driven


* Chicken Frencsese

* Rosemary garlic chicken with lemon zest, sea salt and cracked pepper 
* Grilled chicken with artichoke-sage sauce, roasted artichoke hearts, capers and lemon 
* Grilled garlic and herb chicken with Italian Salsa Verde 
* French Style Tarragon Chicken with tarragon cream 
* Grilled Chicken Shawarma with Cool Yogurt Dill Sauce 
* Grilled Chicken with wild mushrooms, rosemary and truffle 
* Grilled chicken with dijon mustard, tarragon wine sauce 
* Portuguese Chicken with smoked chilies, served with cilantro sauce. 
* Grilled Zaatar rubbed chicken with lemon tahini sauce 
* Grilled BBQ chicken with house made Chipotle-BBQ Sauce 
* Chicken Marsala with Mushrooms and Marsala Cream Sauce 
* Grilled Salmon with lemon zest, fresh dill, dill oil and sea salt 
* Grilled Salmon with fresh huckleberry-shallot salsa .
* Grilled Salmon with wild mushrooms, sage and truffle 
* Grilled Lemon Salmon with Cool dill yogurt sauce 
* Grilled halibut with cilantro chili salsa verde. 
* Grilled halibut with fresh corn, pancetta and sage 
* Grilled halibut with roasted tomato, caramelized fennel and shallots 
* Hearty crab cakes with fresh corn, red pepper, shallot, basil and meyer lemon aioli 
* Jalapeño Lime crab cakes with cilantro and Harissa aioli 
.* Seared jumbo sea scallops with water cress, crispy shallots and warm bacon vinaigrette 
* Seared jumbo Scallops, meyer lemon aioli, basil oil 
* Crispy skinned duck breast, roasted grapes, cider glaze, thyme and shallots 
* Grilled beef tenderloin with smoked salt and french herbs 
* Grilled marinated flank steak with chimichurri sauce 
* Zinfandel-braised beef short ribs with juniper berry zinfandel sauce
* Pepper crusted grilled beef trip-tip with gremolada & horseradish chive cream 
* Veal or Chicken Osso bucco with sage and caramelized pearl onions 
*Grilled pork tenderloin, huckleberry relish and hard cider redux 
*Grilled pork tenderloin with rosemary, fresh cherry and shallot relish 
*Grilled lamb chops with rosemary -mint caper gremolada and 
* Shepherds Pie with lamb, beef or vegetarian 
* Stuffed acorn squash with wild rice, sausage, mushrooms, sage, parsnips and pecans 
* Rosemary chicken lasagna with freshly made pasta, ricotta, and light flavorful rosemary cream 
* Smoked Brisket Gourmet macaroni and cheese with smoked gouda .
* Baked penne pasta with rosemary, chicken, Parmesan and basil cream sauce 
* Bolognese Lasagna with fresh made pasta, Italian Sausage rosemary and mozzarella 
* Wild mushroom and chicken cannelloni w/  pasta, ricotta and truffle creme sauce 
* Butternut Ravioli, Brown butter , Shaved pecorino and sage 
* Spinach and Cheese Ravioli with Tomato Sauce and shaved Parmesan 

Cheese & Fruit Boards..

Fruit & Nuts..
Assorted Crackers / Imported Olives..
Crudaties Fresh Vegetables
Served with Pesto Aioli / Olive Tapenade..
Red Pepper Hummus with Toasted Pita Chips
 Hummus / Baba Ganoush..
 Feta in Olive Oil Roasted Red Beet, Goat Cheese, Hazelnut / Tomato, Basil,

Fresh Mozzarella..
Goat Cheese, Fig Spread, Arugula / Prosciutto, Caramelized Onion / White Bean, & Olive..
 Clams on the Half Shell / old bay Steamed Shrimp..
 Cocktail sauce / Lemon Wedges..
Crostini W/ Salmon Mousse / Soft Goat Cheese   White Bean Tomato Basil / Calamata Olive Pickled Red Onion / Roasted Garlic Butter  Walnut Spread / Fruit Chutney..

Remember These

Sometimes the most enjoyable foods 

are the simple "comfort foods" we remember

*Sweedish Meatballs 

*Mini hot dogs in dough wrap

*Polish Keilbasa with brown bread and assorted mustards..

* Sweet Sausage tossed in a hickory bbq sauce

* Deviled Eggs

*Macaroni and cheese

* Chicken Tenders

*Sliced Baked Ham

*Baked Zit

* Mom's Lazzanna

*Sausage and Pepper

*Meat Balls

* Keilbasa and Sour Kraut

* Meatloaf

​* Pot Roast

* Chicken Parm