When  you're a professional Fireman and work 48 hour shifts at the
Fire House, and you can cook,
everybody in the firehouse has high expectations, and that's where Frank 
fine tuned his craft. Frank knows his way 
around the kitchen and it shows. He has great skills and does wonderful work on the bbq pit's.

Joanie Galante Rywalt

Growing up in an home with Italian and Spanish grandparents.You learn how to cook in ways no culinary school can match. So Joanie can cook.
With a focus during the early years on

raising 3 great kids.Jillian Joey and Jamie.

Joanie kept the balance of family, 
along all the other Rywalt projects on course.As the kids got older.
 Joanie was able to invest her time and 
expertise into the family Catering business and it exploded.

With an eye for the details of presentation.
Plus keeping a tight rein on the family recipes. Alongwith the execution of her recipes. She is truly the reason for this family's success as well as the  successes of all the family businesses.


4 Rywalt Girls Jillian Lisa Joanie and Kaylee


Frank Giordano

John was in the food business before he was in high school. His mom Jackie has owned the trim-a-Cake Shop in Hughsonville since 1972 and that food service  environment is what fueled his passion.He Started washing dishes at THE FOREST HOUSE working for Katie And Bill Werber. Next stop was with Joe and Mary Bonura. Arguably the finest restaurateur's in the Hudson valley. As back of the house and eventually front of the house in the local Perkins restaurant. Then off to BOCES for food service in high school with Gus Econopoly.  Then to SUNY Delhi to graduate from their esteemed restaurant management program.The Ground Round for 1 year.Then a year at La Fonda Del Sol with Jeffrey Orr. He learned the bar business From Mel and Buffalo Bob Corcino at the Ace in the Hole.Then bought into his first partnership in Poughkeepsie at Reeds Deli.Next Purchased his second deli in Montgomery New York 'The Classic Deli" Then opened THE BBQ SPECIALIST OF THE HUDSON VALLEY With his wife Joanie over 25 years ago.Off Premise out door catering was where John and Joan excelled. They built The BBQ Specialists into the number 1 off premise BBQ caterer in the Hudson Valley.

12 years ago they received the opportunity to work inside year round.The Chelsea Sportsman had an opening at Shadowbrook Catering. And for an off premise caterer this was a great gift. For the past 12 years the Rywalt family has been creating great memories at Shadowbrook.We can say with confidence The Rywalt Family of caterers can fill every Food Service need one might have in the Hudson Valley.

Frankie Tecuatl

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James Jennings

When you've been BBQ ing professionally for over 50 years you get pretty good at it.

What you've become is a Pit Master 

James learned his trade from his dad tending the pit's at church BBQ's in the Washingtonville  and Goshen area of the Hudson Valley.

James didn't just join the Rywalt Team 20 years ago.He completed the team. Sadly in January of 2017 The Good Lord called James home.Today not an event goes by where we don't miss our brother James Jennings.We know you're keeping a watchful eye with a loving heart over all us.We work every event to make James proud.

John Rywalt


​All event  and wedding venue

Born and raised in Mexico, Frankie started cooking at home with his mother. After moving to the states, he spent 13 years working for the Bonura Hospitality Group. As the Garde Manager Chef at The Grand

View, Frankie T's  work has always taken center stage at all their major functions. After a stellar 13 year career with BHG, Frankie set out on his own adventure. Frankie is creating his magic in Orange County at Frankie T's Kitchen and Catering.
Shadowbrook is proud to have access to the food genius of Frankie T. Most every event you can find Frankie in the Shadowbrook kitchen lending his expert advice in preparation and presentation.Or running the kitchen brigade for that days event.
Frankie T has certainly taken the Shadowbrook Kitchen to another level.